Historical Buildings and Architecture

One of the aspects of folk culture is architecture. In all the villages of the commune one can find old wooden buildings such as churches, shrines, belfries and others; around them new buildings are being constructed which are modern but still traditional.


A highlander hut is a part of Podhale landscape and has some unique features which make it different from other types of houses. It was built of local materials: wood (conifer), on a foundation made of sandstone. The hut's  simple look was the result of severe climatic conditions. The tradition of building wooden houses is still alive. Wooden houses are constructed in the whole Kościelisko Commune. One can order to have a house built; it will be constructed by local builders, then transported to its destination in parts and finally assembled at the place chosen by the client in Poland or abroad.


Wooden churches, shrines and crosses are inextricably connected with the Tatra landscape. In Witów, Dzianisz and Kościelisko there are a few wooden parish churches. Although they were built in the 20th century, they are similar to old churches built in Podhale, Spis or Orava. The austere outdoor silhouettes of the churches contrast with the rich sculpture interiors.

Churches and Chapels in Witów

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church
  • St John Chapel in Chochołowska Valley
  • St Anna Chapel in Płazówka
  • Sacred Heart Chapel

Church in Dzianisz

  • Our Lady of Częstochowa Parish Church

Churches and Chapels in Kościelisko

  • St Casimir Parish Church
  • Our Lady of Gietrzwałd Chapel in Kiry (The Canons Regular of the Lateran)