The most important events in Kościelisko Commune

Kościelisko, Witów and Dzianisz host a lot of cultural events every year.

The Regional Culture Centre in collaboration with Podhale Association and other organizations provide rich and interesting cultural offer in every village. The events are connected with traditions, incorporate music, dance and singing and guarantee good entertainment for tourists.


In January there is a carnival fancy dress party which is organized by Rural Women's Circle in Kościelisko.


Przednówek w Polanach takes place in May. It is a shepherd singing and music contest.

Majówka w Dzianiszu is on the last Sunday in May. It is mainly a traditional and solemn religious service in front of a shrine.

At the turn of June and July there is a regular cake contest called Góralskie Słodkości (Highland Sweetness) organized by Rural Women's Circle in Kościelisko. This event got an award from  Kapituła Marki Tatrzańskiej (Tatra Brand Chapter) in 2015. The circle also holds another regular contest for the best home made alcohol  at the turn of October and November. Its name is Smaki Babiego Lata  (the Tastes of  Indian Summer).

At the end of July Witowiańska Watra takes place and there is a bundz (a kind of sheep cheese) eating competition.

In August there is Święto Lasu festival in the Chochołowska Valley.

The end of summer season is celebrated in mid-September with Polaniorski Osod, which means the symbolic end of shepherding activity in the Tatras.

It is worth mentioning of some autumn culture events.

Wykopki w Dzianiszu is an open air event where potato meals are prepared.

Majowe Granie, in November, is an annual concert dedicated to Marek Łabunowicz – Maja and Bartek Olszański, the Tatra rescuers, both of whom died during the rescue expedition in 2001.


In December Rural Women's Circle holds a Santa Claus event for senior citizens of Kościelisko called Dzieci dziadkom i pradziadkom (Children for Grandparents and Great-grandparents).


Finally, there is Parada Gazdowska and Ferie z Folklorem; the winter events which are a good introduction to lively Podhale culture.


These are the most important events taking place in our commune. The programme of culture events in Kościelisko Commune is far richer; the plenitude of events in every village, in any season helps to choose something interesting for everyone.