The Gubałowskie Range


The  Gubałowskie Range is a part of the Spis-Gubałowskie Range. The highest peaks are Butorowy Wierch 1160 m a.s.l. and Palenica Kościeliska  (1183 m a.s.l.). However,  the most popular spot is Gubałówka (1123 m a.s.l.)

The yellow hiking trail

The Pope Pilgrimage Trail: Krzeptówki – Gubałówka – Ząb – Bustryk – Sierockie – Bańska Wyżna - Bańska Niżna – Zaskale – Ludźmierz, length 24 km.

The trail connects the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptówki, Zakopane along the Gubałowskie Range with the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Ludźmierz. It is also a commemoration of the historical passing of St John Paul II along this trail. There is  Sursum Corda  pilgrimage that goes along this trail on the first Saturday in June every year. A few thousand people take part in it.

The red hiking trail

The Red Trail of Chochołów Uprising: Chochołów – Poronin, length 22 km. It is also a long, red hiking trail to Trzy Kopce Pass.

As far as views are concerned this trial is very attractive.  The trail starts in Chochołów and leads up Mt Ostrzysz, to Tominów Wierch (1018 m a.s.l.), then to Gruszków Wierch (1030 m a.s.l) and Gubałówka. Next it goes down Gubałówka along Rafaczańska Grapa, past Harenda ski lift, descends to Suche and leads along the Biały Dunajec stream to Poronin. Later the trail connects Poronin with Trzy Kopce Pass in the Pieniny Mountains. It goes through three regions: Podhale, Spis and the Pieniny. Starting in Poronin, it goes along Galicowa Grapa to Gliczarów Górny and then Bukowina Tatrzańska. There it descends to the Valley of the Białka River and goes across Polish Spis past Czarna Góra, Rzepiska, Łapsze Wyżne to Dursztyn. The next stage is forested areas of the Spis Pieniny, passing the castle in Niedzica, Lake Sromowieckie and going past  Sromowce Wyżne and Kąty to Pieniny National Park and finally onto Trzy Kopce Pass.

The blue hiking trail

Gubałówka - Butorowy Wierch – Kościelisko
Polana Szymoszkowa – Butorowy Wierch – Kościelisko

This trail connects Gubałówka and Butorowy Wierch. One can go onto Gubałówka in a funicular. A walk there guarantees unforgettable views of the Western Tatras. It is also possible to go up the chair ski lift from Polana Szymoszkowa which is located half way between Gubałówka and Butorowy Wierch. One can also go down the chair ski lift from Butorowy Wierch admiring the mountain tops and the surroundings of Kościelisko and Zakopane.

The green hiking trail

Kiry - Groń - Rysulówka - Prędówka - Butorowy Wierch, length 6 km.

The trail connects Kiry (the exit of the Kościeliska Valley) and Butorowy Wierch. On the way one can visit the Kościelisko Biathlon Centre. Next, there is Prędówka, which is a beautiful observation point and an ideal spot for relaxation and a moment of prayer by the chapel of Visitation of Holy Mary. Next the trail goes through the forests and fields to Butorowy Wierch where one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tatras.

The black, blue, yellow hiking trail   

Zakopane (lower Krupówki) - Gubałówka – Palenica Kościeliska – Mietłówka – Płazówka – Kojsówka – Hurchoci Wierch – Witowski Przysłop - Magura Witowska – Oravice (Slovakia), length 22 km.

This trail connects Zakopane with Oravice, Slovakia.  The bulk of the trail goes along picturesque forest clearings.