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Góralski Dwór Tavern

ul. Salamandra 2 34-511, Kościelisko

Góralski Dwór is place with unique atmosphere and a highland soul.

It was created for authenticity seekers who   want to lose themselves while travelling to a new place.

It was created for those who are keen on being in touch with wildlife, who will enjoy unparalleled panorama of the mountains.

It was, finally, created for those who are not interested in luxuries and exclusive accommodation  but while travelling want to feel they relax away from home without duties, problems or difficulties.

A lot of effort has been put to create such an architectural effect. A popular place is hobbitówka which was handmade with an axe. There are also  a small cinema room, free WiFi, and a children's room. An unusual attraction is a fireplace combined with a traditional bread oven. From there, thanks to the panoramic windows, one can admire the Tatras with Mt Giewont and Mt Kasprowy in particular. A big terrace that adjoins the restaurant is a perfect place for breakfast or a conversation in the  moonlight. We serve Podhale dishes.

Our kitchen prepares meals which are as good as those made by your mum. The specialities

of our chef require special attention. These include: Bacowski Kocioł pełen jadła, Kotlet Holny, Placek Zbója i Pański Moskol.

You can visit us everyday, from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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