The High Tatras

The High Tatras are the highest mountains in Poland and Slovakia. The highest alpine part stretches between the Western Tatras from the west and the Belianske Tatras from the north-east. The area of the High Tatras is about 340 square kilometres (a bit less than the Western Tatras) and most of it is located in Slovakia (260 square kilometres). The contractual border between the High Tatras and the Western Tatras goes from Liliowe Pass in the south through Między Kopami Pass to Mount Nosal in the north. The High Tatras are surrounded by three regions: Podhale (from the northwest), Liptow (from the southwest) and Spis (from the east).

The highest peaks in the Slovak High Tatras are:

  • Mt Gerlach (2655 m a.s.l.),
  • Mt Łomnica (2634 m a.s.l.),
  • Mt Lodowy Szczyt (2627 m a.s.l.).

In the Polish part the highest peak is Mount Rysy (the border peak 2499 m a.s.l., the Slovak peak 2503 m a.s.l.)

The best known and the most difficult mountain trail of the High Tatras is Orla Perć.

There are 16 mountain shelters in the High Tatras (4 in Poland, 12 in Slovakia).

In Poland there are:

  • PTTK mountain shelter in Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich,
  • Murowaniec PTTK mountain shelter,
  • PTTK mountain shelter by Morskie Oko Lake,
  • PTTK mountain shelter in Dolina Roztoki.

In Slovakia there are:

  • Mountain shelter under Mount Rysy,
  • Teryho mountain shelter,
  • Zbojnicka chata mountain shelter,
  • Mountain shelter on Solisko,
  • Encian mountain hotel,
  • Łomnickie mountain shelter,
  • Śląski Dom mountain hotel,
  • Mountain shelter by Zielony Staw,
  • Mountain shelter by Popradzki Staw,
  • Majlath mountain shelter,
  • Zamkovsky mountain shelter,
  • Bilik mountain shelter.



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