The Location of Kościelisko Commune

Kościelisko Commune is one of the highest elevated and one of the most beautiful areas in Poland. It is situated in the south of Poland, in Małopolska Province, close to the border with Slovakia. In Kościelisko Commune there is a part of the Western Tatras and there are three Podhale villages. In the Tatra part of the commune there a few valleys (the Chochołowska, the Lejowa, the Kościeliska and  the Mała Łąka) and a few dozen of mountain peaks.

 Gmina Kosielisko

Kościelisko Commune is one the most beautiful mountainous areas in Poland and, no doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is in the vicinity of the Tatras, at the foot of the Western Tatras, in the south of Poland, in Małopolska Province. Most of the area of the commune is located in Tatra National Park. In the commune there are three Podhale villages: Kościelisko, Witów and Dzianisz which are inhabited by over 8,000 people.

Every village in the commune has something to offer:

Kościelisko gives an opportunity to enjoy the view of the Tatras and has a rich offer for tourists,

Dzianisz has a picturesque location and is a place where tourism and agriculture intermix,

Witów provides ski slopes and wooden handicraft.

The commune borders with Zakopane and Slovakia.

Kraków is located about 120 kilometres away from the commune while Nowy Targ, situated by the foot of the Gorce Range, is 30 kilometres away. The neighbouring geographic areas include Orava with its highest peak of Babia Góra and Spis with the Dunajec River Gorge.