The Slovak Tatras

The Slovak Tatras are divided into the Western Tatras and the Eastern Tatras (the High Tatras and  the Belianske Tatras). The border between the Slovak High Tatras and The Western Tatras is constituted by the Cicha Liptowska Valley while Pod Kopą Pass is the border between the Belianske Tatras and the High Tatras. The area of the Slovak Tatras is 610 square kilometres, which is about 78% of the total area of the Tatras. The Slovak Tatras are as beautiful as the Polish ones. One can find there numerous mountain shelters, a plenitude of mountain trails which are longer, yet  a bit less popular than the Polish ones.  Generally wildlife is not much different from what one can admire in the Polish Tatras. However, in Slovakia there are far more Tatra lakes (about 160).



Szlaki Turytyczne w Tatrach

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